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Georgetown Village on YouTube

This section features videos from the popular website "YouTube". This section is deigned to provide quick and accessible information to our members, and will be updated regularly.


Cocktails, Conversation, and Community

During the time of COVID-19 when we can not get together in person and enjoy our usual educational offerings of speakers and panelists we have begun a new series of programs. We are calling this series Cocktails, Conversation, and Covid. We are inviting experts in their field to talk about their fields and how the virus is impacting them and the community their field impacts. Speakers will be sharing the virus's impact on; telehealth, the retail and business communities, philanthropy, media, and other areas. We also have lined up speakers on; how to look your best online, successful retirement for women, the middle class in America, and other areas. Subscribe to Georgetown Village on YouTube and stay informed.

Check Out Our Past Videos

"Healthcare Panel Discussion" -

"Stretching for Seniors"-
“Stretching for Seniors” is a three and a half minute video that aims to teach those over 50 good stretching techniques so they can remain mobile and agile; they also aim to improve one’s blood flow, circulation and muscles. 

“Easy Yoga for seniors” is a nine and a half minute video that was created to introduce basic yoga moves to senior citizens so that they can remain flexible and control their breathing. It is very important to understand that the video instructs you to consult your medical doctor before following along with the exercises.   

"Exercise is Power" is a fifteen-minute video that introduces a senior exercise regimen to those who are watching; this video emphasizes the importance of staying active as you age because it is extremely beneficial to one’s health. The University of British Columbia Department of Physical Therapy developed this video. 
“How to Set Up Skype” is a seven and a half minute video that gives its viewers step-by-step instructions on how to install Skype on their computer. Skype is a service that allows people to video chat with friends, family and loved ones on their computers. This video is extremely informative and makes the process of downloading and using Skype very simple.
"How to make a Facebook account" -
"How to create a Facebook account" is a six-minute instructional video that instructs its viewers how to make an account with the popular social networking site “Facebook”. Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with family, as well as old and new friends. 
"iPhone 4s Tips and Tricks" - : how to use an iPhone.
"iPhone 4s Tips and Tricks" is an eighteen minute instructional video that informs viewers on how to go about using their iPhone 4 once it is set up. This video is very helpful and teaches you things you may not have known your phone could do, it does NOT however, teach you how to actually set up your iPhone.
"iPhone 5 Tips and Tricks #1"-
"iPhone 5 Tips and Tricks #2" -
"iPhone 5 Tips and Tricks” is a two part series that also teaches those with an iPhone 5 how to navigate their iPhone and perform functions that you might not have known the phone could do. The first part of this video is six minutes long, and the second part is five and a half minutes long. 
"How to use Android Phones"-
"How to use Android Phones" is two-minute video that gives a basic introduction on how to use your Android phone. It is brief, but very informative. This video does NOT instruct the viewer how to set up the phone.
"Kindle Fire HD for Beginners" -
"Kindle Fire HD for Beginners” is a seventeen-minute video that instructs the viewers how to use their new Kindle Fire tablet. The new version of the Kindle Fire is much different than the original Kindle; this device allows you to take pictures, download games and more apps such as Facebook, and much more! Of course, the ability to download and read books is also available on this device.  
"How to use an iPad" is a four-minute video that concisely informs viewers about how to use their iPad. This video does not instruct the viewer how to set their iPad up, but it does go over the features the tablet comes with, as well as shows you what you can download onto it yourself. 
"LifeLink Fall Prevention" - : tips for living alone
“LifeLink Fall Prevention - elderly alone tips video” is a very informative and important video, and only takes a minute and a half to watch! This video talks about living alone as a senior, ways to prevent falling, and what to do if you do experience a fall.